Competition/ Track Car

December 24, 2018 Filed under Uncategorized

For 2019 we are ramping up our Competition and Track Car program. Our NASA certified chassis is finally getting noticed. Available is 3 configurations, Ford GT, McLaren M6GT and Lola T70. Our point has been why would a guy spend that kind of money on a track car with a motorcyle engine when for the […]

Price increase

December 24, 2018 Filed under Uncategorized

We regret to announce a price increase. On the big picture President Trump is helping small business but raw materials like steel and aluminum have skyrocketed. We’re sorry to have to pass the increase along.

C5 and C6 Axle bulletin

December 24, 2018 Filed under Uncategorized

Our axle conversion kit only works on C5 axles. When using the C6 suspension you will need to convert to C5 axles. This also requires the use of C5 out wheel bearings in the C6 upright, the inner and out splines are different on the C6.

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